Moving – Eliminating Hazardous Materials

Moving – Eliminating Hazardous Materials
Moving companies cannot transport potentially hazardous items. Most moving companies have identified the following household items as potentially hazardous. This list includes typical household cleaning products that can produce deadly gases or could spontaneously combust when mixed with other chemicals. By knowing about this list ahead of time, you can save time and money by using up these products. Or you might prefer to dispose of them appropriately before moving day. Your community may have a day where household hazardous material and unwanted appliances can be dropped off free of charge or for a small lee. Check your community newsletter or municipal Web site for postings. Alternatively, if you are moving locally, you can Packers and Movers Ludhiana transport hazardous items in your own vehicle.

Common Household Products:
-Cans or bottles of soda and beer
-Champagne and opened bottles of wine or alcohol
Common Household Cleaning Products:
-Ammonia and bleach
-Dishwashing liquid
-Laundry detergent
Combustible Liquids:
-Antifreeze compounds
-Camphor oil
-Type cleaners (Liquids containing combustible material, eg, spot for clothing, liquid cleaners for office machines)
Corrosive Liquids:
-Acids (such as photographic chemicals used in developing film)
-Etching acid
-Iron/steel rust-preventing compounds
-Small arms ammunition (This is not prohibited from shipment, but it is prohibited from shipment by a household goods or an unaccompanied baggage carrier.)
-Black powder
-Brick matches
-Brick noisemakers (firecrackers)
-Cigarette loads
-Dynamite, plastic, or similar explosives
-Explosive auto alarms
-Explosive flashbulbs
-Loaded weapons
-Smokeless powder
-Souvenir explosives
-Spear guns with charged heads
-Adhesives (glue, cements, plastics)
-Aerosol cans (flammables include hair spray, deodorants, perfumes, colognes)
-Charcoal briquettes
-Cleaning fluids
-Compound three-weed killers
-Gasoline (Gasoline must be removed from lawn mower, trimmer, and any other gas-powered device before shipment.)
-Hand-signal flares
-Leather dressing
-Lighter fluids (pocket, charcoal camp stove, lamp, or torch)
-Nail polish and nail polish remover
-Oil stains for wood
-Paint and varnish remover
-Paint (flammable)
-Petroleum products (kerosene, gas, oil)
-Photographic flashbulbs and lamps
-Polishes (liquid, metal, stove, wood)
-Propane or other gas used for cooking or heating purposes
-Propane tanks (non-purged)
-Rags soaked in flammable or corrosive substances
-Shellac, stains, and varnish
-Shoe polish (liquid)
-Solvents (plastic)
-Windshield solvent
-Wood filler
-Gases (Compressed)
-Engine-starling fluids
-Fire extinguishers
-Gases used in welding
-Scuba-diving tanks (unless completely empty)
In many corporate relocations the following items will not be authorized for shipment, although some may be negotiable under your corporate relocation agreement if discussed in advance. If you choose to move these items, you will need to get your own estimate from a moving company and pay for the cost out of your own pocket.
Construction materials (such as fireplace wood, flagstone, bricks, stone, and lumber)
Packers and Movers Chandigarh
Live plants, shrubs, and trees (ff the moving company has authorized moving your plants, refer to the tips earlier in this chapter to help your plants survive during transit.)
All perishable food goods and open liquor containers Animals (household pets, fish, horses, cattle, fowl, etc.) Large supplies of food, grain, mulch, or water.
Items of unusual weight or bulk (such as a large, heavy rock collection)
Motor homes, campers, and trailers